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About the company
Agencja Celna B&M

B&M company was established in 2007. We do our work effectively because the main idea is to develop continually to be able to ensure our clients the highest quality of all services. We concentrate our efforts on a great satisfaction of clients whom B&M offers a complex customs and statistical services.

We are a young company so we especially focus on wining new, responsible partners in order to cooperate with them. B&M is aware of the fact that our team can achieve it only thanks to unfailing customer service. Our crucial aim is to satisfy Clients who trust us, so in the light of this idea B&M follows your needs. We incessantly improve gained knowledge and offer a wide access to most recent information about Polish Customs System, union regulations, executory provisions and conducting professional appeal proceedings in customs litigation and tax cases.

Our staff is well qualified and have good track record. We are a group of well organized people who have gained an intangible experience working for years in this branch. We can work effectively under pressure and other inconveniences. B&M staff is well prepared for quick and precise service to ensure you the best quality of preparing all needed documents. We owe this punctuality to the human capital in the company.

B&M believes that both complexity and professionalism of services our company provides you, will have to assure growing satisfaction and feeling of security to all people who will use it. Our team follows changes and adapts to growing demands of market offers.

Agencja Celna B&M

Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe

10-406 Olsztyn, ul. Lubelska 19
tel. +48 89 543 61 25
fax +48 89 543 61 19



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